Case Study - Logo Creation

The goal of this project was very personal. Create a logo for yourself that represents you and your brand.


Before I even think about sketching ideas I do some research on the subject, event, or product that I am designing about.


Fortunately, the topic was one I knew well: me. It was fairly easy to write down everything I already knew. However, due to my bias, I believed I wasn't getting all of the information. Thankfully I received some help from the people who know me best.

Once I had collected more information from friends and family I wrote down everything I could imagine or think of when I thought of the words that others described me as.

Then I sketch out any idea I can think of. 

Finally, I move to the computer and play around with some of the ideas I liked best from my sketches and after asking others which they preferred.  After I find a design that I really like, I then put my color theory class to good use and try and see which color is most fitting for my personality and what also looked the most appealing.

Finally, I had completed the design I thought fit me fairly well. To me, I can see two different symbols. One is the S which represents my last name, Starks, and there is also a symbol that is similar to the Yin and Yang symbol. I was able to do this by using either symbol to make up the negative space within it.


As I'm very good at balancing everything in my life, I thought it would be a good symbol to show I am a balanced person. I also have a preference for the cooler colors such as blues and greens to represent my ability to remain calm no matter what situation I'm in. It's also a good expression for my love of nature.

When it comes to my brand, I created a more professional and neat looking one due to most of my work experience tending to be like that. I also appreciate the simple design to it as I do like to make things as simple as possible for other.

That is how I was able to create my own logo.

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